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Welcome to my blog on Coaching!

I'm Sian and I'll be chatting here about all things Coaching. What's so great about it?

I am a big believer in the power of coaching. We all need :

  • Someone who asks the right questions without any ulterior motives or connections to what you might say.

  • Some space sometimes - where the noise disappears for a while allowing us to focus on what we need to, without interruption.

Who am I?

As I say my name is Sian and I am an Executive Coach

This sounds very grand, what it means is that I am qualified to Coach people to reach their goals!

My background is in HR and during my time here I see so many situations where a coach would have helped, giving the space to think through the issues before acting. So many problems can be nipped in the bud if we think them through first.

I also see people who want a change. A Coach can help work out what that change could be and put it in place.

Why do I love Coaching?

It's my passion!

I love the journey people go on, how the path unfolds and that amazing light bulb moment.

Most importantly - the journey is all yours. Not mine or anyone else's. The Coaching session is your space to stop, think and find your solutions

I've experienced situations where coaching is used as a performance management tool for 'problem saff' arghhhhhhhh......... that makes me scream!!!

Or just as bad........for the 'chosen few' who have been hand picked for a leg up the ladder! Terrible terrible terrible!

Who is Coaching for?


I love helping people to achieve their goals or solve an issue.

I also love the beach.

I live just 500m from the beach and offer walk and talk meetings when weather allows. Listening to the sea, with a gentle wind in your hair encourages the ideas to flow. It's so empowering.

Let me know if I've captured your interest and you'd like to try this for yourself.

Beach walks are optional*

So what's great about Coaching?

My next few blogs will talk you through what it's all about and what to expect.

If you'd like to discuss your personal requirements please message me and we can chat about it

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